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NisuyWin Version 4.0 Download information

NisuyWin is a Windows version of the old DOS program "Nisuy". This program computes Analysis of Variance and Multiple Range tests. It is specially adapted for analyzing agricultural field experiments, but it can also be used for other types of experiments. "NisuyWin" is the English version, for details about downloading the Hebrew version of the program read below.

In version 4.0, which is an upgrade of previous version 3.0, some minor errors have been corrected.
The program was written by

Cotton2K Model

Cotton2K Model version 4.0

A. Marani

Version history

The COTTON2K cotton simulation model is descended from GOSSYM-COMAX. Its main purpose was to make the model more useful for conditions of cotton production under irrigation in the arid regions of the Western USA. Since many changes have been made in the model, it has been given a new name: CALGOS (for CALifornia GOSsym). The present version, which is completely revised has been renamed COTTON2K.

Cotton2K Version 4.0

Cotton2K Model Version 4.0

Cotton2K is a cotton simulation model specially adapted for irrigated cotton production in arid regions. It was written by:

Avishalom Marani
Professor Emeritus at the Institute of Plant Science
School of Agriculture of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
P.O.Box 12, Rehovoth 76100, Israel

List of Publications

1. Plaut, M., Marani, A. (1955). Experiments with fiber flax varieties. Ktavim 4:43-48.

2. Plaut, M., Marani, A., Bielorai, H. (1955). Experiments on the growing of Kenaf ( Hibiscus cannabinus ) in Israel. Bull. Res. Counc. of Israel 4:388-391.

3. Marani, A. (1958). The relationship between time of harvesting and fibre production in flax under the conditions of Israel. Fibra 3:15-20.

4. Marani, A. (1961). Inheritance of yield components in a diallel cross of cotton. Bull. Res. Counc. of Israel 9D:195-196.

Prof. Avishalom Marani

1924 Born, Cernauti, Romania; in Israel since 1926.
1947 M.Sc. (Agr.) Hebrew University, Jerusalem. 
1955 Ph.D., Hebrew University, Jerusalem 
1955-56 Post-Doctoral Research at the Plant Breeding Institute, Cambridge, England.
1957 Lecturer 
1962-1963 Sabbatical at the North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, USA.
1963 Senior Lecturer 
1968-1974 Chairman, Department of Field and Vegetable Crops.
1969 Associate Professor 
1974-1975 Sabbatical at the Department of Genetics, University of Birmingham, England.