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PfFit (ver2.01) is a three-part program for the calculation of osmotic water permeability of cell membrane (Pf) from volume changes of a spherical, wall-less cell, evoked by a non-instantaneous change of osmolarity in the external medium. The Pf calculation takes into account the rate of the osmolarity change.

It is a stand-alone MATLAB program written by Nava Moran and Menachem Moshelion, with GUI written by Roy Novik, compiled with the help of Deborah Weisman.

Madua Lecture

אסטרטגיות ניהול הסיכונים של צמחי יבול בתנאי אי ודאות של סביבה משתנה 

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Major Projects

  1. The role of Solanaceae aquaporins in improving plant vigor, abiotic stress tolerance and yield production.

  2. The regulatory role of aquaporins in controlling plant cell water permeability.

  3. Developing a high-throughput automated screening system for the on-line collection and analysis of data from many plants simultaneously.  Pinpointing plants showing improved transpiration-use efficiency under normal and stress conditions at an early developmental stage.

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