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Prof. Uzi Kafkafi

Born: 1934, Tel Aviv
Degrees: Ph.D. 1963, The Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem; Assoc. Prof. 1973; Prof. 1978.
Honors: IFA International Fertilizer award 1996

Research Interests

Nutrient consumption of field crops.
The effect of nutrition on fruit and seed quality. 
Interaction of plant nutrition and salt tolerance.
Plant root development under saline conditions. 
Agricultural development in arid and semi-arid lands.
The physiology of plants as affected by nitrogen nutrition.
The use of recycled sewage water for crop production. 

Research Projects

1. Nutrition of pepper for quality seed production. Funding: Hazera Co.
2. Foliar spray of potassium phosphate. Funding: Negev Phosphates, Ltd.
3. Fertigation of field crops with recycled sewage water. Funding The CRB foundation
4. Using recycled water in agriculture Funding INCO 

Research Abstracts

Using recycled water culture system the optimun concentrations of N, P and K as well as the ration between ammonium and nitrate in the solution is determined forthe maximum seed yield and seed germination vigor. 

Recycled water in surface and subsurface trickle irrigation is tested on the uptake, N balance in field grown corn, and its effect on coli contaminants as well as on plant composition and fodder quality. 

keywords: Field crops; plant physiology; root elongation 


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