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Dr. Assaf Mosquna

Research Interest

Research in the Mosquna lab is focused on plants response to environmental stress; we are interested in the apex of abscisic acid (ABA) signal transduction pathway and related cellular/physiological stress response. In addition we are kin to discover novel plant hormones and growth regulators, by an unbiased approach monitoring plant small molecule-protein interactions. Study of this regulatory scaffold is expected to be of long-term benefit to biotechnology and lead to innovations in agriculture.


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Research Projects

We are using a variety of biochemical and molecular biology approaches to genetically dissect the ABA pathway, and to isolate protein-metabolite complexes. In general, our work flow starts with the establishment of hypotheses using in-vitro and microorganism systems and move on to application in model plants such as Arabidopsis, tomato and tobacco, always bearing in mind how the data we generate can contribute to modern agriculture and how to implement it to crop plants.