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Scientific Publications



  1. Zamski, E. 1967. M.Sc. Thesis. Factors influencing the formation of resin ducts and resin secretion in Pinus_ halepensis Mill. Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  2. Zamski, E. 1971. Ph.D. Thesis. Factors influencing the formation ofresin ducts and resin secretion in Pinus_ halepensis Mill. Hebrew University of Jerusalem.



Selected Publications

  1. Sheinberg O., Rabinowitch H.D., Rubin B. & Tel-Or E., 1999 Adjustment to low light intensity enhances susceptility of bean leaves to oxidative stress. J. Plant Physiol. 155:393-398
  2. Butow B.J., Wynne D., Tel-Or E., 1997 Antioxidative protection of Peridinium gatunense in Lake Kinneret: Seasonal and daily variation. J Phycol 33: (5) 780-786

Selected Publications

Illouz-Eliaz N., Ramon U., Shohat H., Blum S., Livne S., Mendelson D ., Weiss D. (2019). Multiple gibberellin receptors contribute to phenotypic stability under changing environments. Plant Cell (On Line, DOI:

Zhu Z., Kang X., Lor V.S., Weiss D. and Olszewski N. (2019) Characterization of a semidominant dwarfing PROCERA allele identified in a screen for CRISPR/Cas9-induced suppressors of loss-of-function alleles. Plant Biotechnol. J. 17: 319–321.

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  1. Firsov, A., Shaloiko, L., Kozlov, O., Vinokurov, L., Vainstein, A. and Dolgov, S. (2016). Purification and characterization of recombinant supersweet protein thaumatin II from tomato fruit. Protein Expression and Purification. doi: 10.1016/j.pep.2016.03.002.
  2. Tzin, V., Rogachev, I., Meir, S., Moyal Ben Zvi, M., Masci, T., Vainstein, A., Aharoni, A. and Galili, G. (2015) Altered levels of aroma and volatiles by metabolic engineering of shikimate pathway genes in tomato fruits. AIMS Bioengineering 2: 75-92.
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