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What are the assumptions and the main explanations for the use of foliage nutrition for plants that are in difficulty?


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6th Meeting

Movement of Calcium and Potassium to the Developing Fruit and their Agricultural Importance

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3d Meeting


Much of the nitrogen on earth is found in rocks (contrary to the intuitive guess) and not in the atmosphere, primarily in basal granite rocks. Minerals that develop from these rocks include ammonium, known as "fixed ammonium" or "crystallized ammonium". In sandy soils, with little clay  content or in shallow soils - the content of fixed ammonium is of course smaller.

In nature nitrogen is found with all possible degrees of oxidation as follows (the degree of oxidation appears in brackets):

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Prof. Uzi Kafkafi of the Field Crops Department in the Agriculture Faculty of the Hebrew University has the professional background and the ability to integrate ground theory and ground chemistry (in which he was involved for many years in the Faculty and in the Vulcani Centre) with plant biology and their environment. 

We hope that this book will assist readers towards a better understanding, correct planning and successful implementation of the fertilization of agricultural crops, and this will be our reward. 

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