Dr. Shilo Rosenwasser

Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor)
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Redox regulation of metabolism, stress acclimation, and cell death in photosynthetic organisms.

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Dr. Shilo Rosenwasser

Research Interests

Redox regulation of metabolism, stress acclimation, and cell death in photosynthetic organisms.

As sessile organisms that grow under highly variable environmental conditions, plants must constantly sense, respond, and adapt to fluctuation in their environment. Many aspects of adaptation to environmental conditions are believed to be regulated by ROS/redox signals which differ in temporal, spatial and intensity patterns in photosynthetic cells. Oxidation and reduction of thiol proteins, in which their biochemical characteristics changed upon oxidation, is thought to be the major mechanism by which redox signals are integrated into cellular signal transduction pathways.

My group is interested in understanding how signals linked to environmental conditions are translated into alteration in the cellular redox state, sensed by redox sensors, and transmitted into biological pathways to maintain homeostasis by coordinating cellular activities. We are using genetics and functional genomics tools, together with genetically-encoded fluorescent redox sensors and novel quantitative redox proteomics approach. Our primary objective is to systematically decipher and characterize the redox-based signal transduction pathways involved in sensing and acclimating to environmental conditions in plants. We believe that uncovering the plant redox-sensitive protein network will pave the way to produce plants with higher productivity and tolerance to stress.



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