Haim Rabinowitch

Prof. Haim D. Rabinowitch

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Vegetable physiology, breeding & seed production, esp. tomatoes, alliums, and potatoes.

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Prof. Haim D. Rabinowitch

Major Research Interests

Physiology, genetics and breeding for yield, disease resistance, quality, flavor and long-shelf-life in tomatoes and in short-day onions. 

Floral and fertility restoration in garlic. 

Oxygen toxicity in plants: the role of oxygen-free radicals in physiological disorders. 

Seed production: physiology and genetics of pollination and fertilization processes. 

Soil solarization: physiological response of plants grown on solarized soils. 

Plant genetic resources. 

Crop improvement in developing countries, including yield, quality and tolerance to biotic and a-biotic stress conditions.


1974-5 -British Council Fellowship

1983 -Recipient of the American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHA) National Food Processing Association (NFPA) Award in raw products research

1994 -Recipient of the Hebrew University Kaye Prize for Innovative Developments for  the Development of Long-Shelf-Life Tomatoes

1998 -Recipient of the Mashov Award for Distinguished contribution to Israeli Agriculture

2002 -Recipient of the Rothschild Prize

2007 -Doctor Honoris Causa Universite Jean Moulin, Lion 3, France

Special Breeding Achievements

1976 to date -Release of a great number of short-day onion hybrids excelling in yield, quality, and storage-life under ambient conditions in warm climate countries; and of short- day, high-yielding, high-solids onion hybrids for processing (Jointly with Agr. A. Harazy, and Hazera Genetics Seed Company).

1963-1973 -Release of numerous greenhouses and open field tomato hybrids excelling in and

1988 to-date yield, quality, and keeping-ability under ambient conditions (Jointly with N. Kedar and our breeding team).

1997 to date -Introduction of Chinese Chives to Israeli agriculture and release of cultivars adapted to subtropical conditions.

1998 to date -Release of a number of hybrids shallots propagated from seeds suitable for short-day production in tropical and subtropical countries.

2001 to date -Restoration of garlic fertility and its propagation from seeds, thus opening the avenues for genetic studies and active breeding.

 International Training Courses

1975 – 2001 Annual course at the International Agricultural Center, Wageningen, The Netherlands, Annual International Course on Vegetable Production Under Hot and Humid conditions.

1990 to 2001  International Master's Course on Plant Sciences, the Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences, Rehovot, Israel.