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The Robert H. Smith Institute of
Plant Sciences and Genetics
in Agriculture
Herzl 229, Rehovot 7610001, Israel

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Ms. Iris Izenshtadt
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Prof. Gideon Ladizinsky

Born: 1933, Rehovot
Degrees: Ph.D. 1968, Hebrew Univ.; Sen. Lect. 1972; Assoc. Prof. 1980; Prof. 1985; 

Research Interests

Evolution of cultivated crops.
Chormosomal and genetic diversty in wild relatives.
Interspecific relationships in the genus Lens.
The anatomy and genetics interspecific hybrid embryo abortion.
Gene transfer between wild tetraploid oats and the cultivated hexaploid varaities.
Evolution in the genus Amygdalus. 

Research Projects

Transformation of wild tetraploid oats into desticated forms. Funding: BARD.