Prof. Naomi Ori

Research Interest

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One of the wondrous and unique characteristics of plant development is the ability to produce organs throughout life and flexibly react to internal and external cues. Two plants, even if genetically identical, are different in the number and form of their organs. In the Ori group, we are interested in the mechanisms that underlie the plasticity of plant development and patterning.

Leaf development beautifully exemplifies developmental plasticity, leading to enormous variability in shape and size, which is particularly evident in compound leaves. In addition, the leaf is relatively tolerant to developmental aberrations, making it an attractive system to study developmental principles. We study compound leaf, flower and fruit development in tomato using genetic, developmental and molecular tools.


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Major Projects

  1. The balance between morphogenesis, growth and differentiation in leaf development, and the interaction between transcription factors and hormones in regulating this balance.
  2. Patterning of the leaf margin: Differential growth at the leaf margins enables enormous variability of leaf shape. We investigate the regulators of leaf patterning. Specifically, we investigate the role of auxin and its regulators in leaf patterning.
  3. Regulation of fruit set in tomato.


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List of Publications

  • Bar M, Israeli A, Levy M, Ben-gera H, Jiménez-Gómez J, Kouril S, Tarkowski P, Ori N. (2016). CLAUSA is a MYB Transcription Factor that Promotes Leaf Differentiation by Attenuating Cytokinin Signaling. The Plant Cell. Jul;pii: tpc.00211.2016.
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  • Bar M, Ben-Herzel O, Kohay H, Shtein I, Ori N. (2015). CLAUSA restricts tomato leaf morphogenesis and GOBLET expression. The Plant Journal. Sep;83(5):888-902.
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  • Ori, N., Eshed, Y., Chuck, G. Bowman, J. L. and Hake, S. (2000). Mechanisms that control knox gene expression in the Arabidopsis shoot. Development 127, 5523-5532.


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Lab Members

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Neta Kovetz 
Current B.S. student in Plant Biology.

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Matan Levy
Graduate Student.

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Asaf Dafna
M.Sc. student

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Alon Israeli
M.Sc. student

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Ido Shwartz

Graduate Student

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Maya Bar




Former Students:

Sharona Shliezer-Burko

Yogev Burko

Roi Zibsner

Hadas Ben-Gera

Shiri Goldental

Eilon Shani

Aya Refael-Cohen

Osnat Yanai

Yael Berger

Neti Sirding

Arnon Brand

Adi Etzioni

Hanoch Glesner

Lilach Ben Yaakov

Ori Ben-Herzel


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