Prof. Amnon Schwartz


Research Interests:

Plant water relations, Calcium transport and distribution in the whole plant, Photosynthesis and stomatal conductance, Irrigation scheduling based on physiological parameters.

Current Projects:

  • Internal and external factors that control oscillation of stomata conductance in banana leaves.
  • Simplistic versus Apoplectic pathway of water and solute transport within leaves.
  • Regulated deficit irrigation (RDI) of grape wins: effects on yield and wine quality.
  • Photosynthetic and photoprotective adaptation of date palm leaves to water quality and extreme temperatures.
  • Prevention of degeneration and die out of fruit tree orchards irrigated with recycled treated wastewater.

Research Projects

Applied research project: Irrigation of orchards using the regulated deficit irrigation (RDI) method

Efficient irrigation requires precise information on crop water consumption to ensure the correct scheduling and quantity of water and fertilizer to be applied. In recent years, research done by my group has focused on developing irrigation models based on physiological parameters, to serve as guidelines for the planning of efficient orchard irrigation programs. Our research is guided by the hypothesis that by skilled planning of irrigation, growers can increase fruit yield and fruit quality while maintaining a high level of water-use efficiency.

Basic research project: Water and solute transport in leaves

In banana leaves, the transport of water and solutes from the xylem of the veins to the mesophyll and epidermis is mediated by vascular bundle sheath tissue, which is analogous to the endodermis of the root. The results of a study of the mode of ion distribution in the lamina of banana leaves led to the conclusion that the symplast, not the apoplast is the main pathway for the transport of water and solutes from the leaf xylem toward the mesophyll and epidermis.

We have proposed a model that explains the accumulation of Na+ and boron in the laminar margins of banana leaves, suggesting a role for the bundle sheath tissue of the laminar veins in the "active filtration" of the xylem sap, in order to prevent toxic concentrations of ions from reaching the photosynthetic tissue. Boron, manganase and other ions that are toxic to the photosynthetic tissue at high concentrations are effectively confined to the vascular system, to be disposed of in the tissue of the lamina margin or to be released from the lamina by guttation during the night.


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List of Publications

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Sperling O., Lazarovitch N., Schwartz A., and O. Shapira (2012). 
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(Submitted to J. Exp. Botany).

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(Submitted to Tree Physiology).

Netzer1 Y., Shenker M., and A. Schwartz (2012) 
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(Submitted to Irrigation Science)


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The students who conducted the experiments deserve all the credit:

Post Doc.:   Dr. Yishai Netzer    Or Shapira 

Ph.D.:   Ron Seligmann    Ran Arael    Or Sperling 

M.Sc.:   Idan Baht    Sarel Munitz    Dror Dotan    Yotam Zit    Yechiam Gets    Amit Haklai    David Yelin


Table and wine grapes: Dr. Yishai Netzer Post Doc., Idan Baht, Sarel Munitz and Dror Dotan M.Sc. students. 

Palm Dates: Or Sperling Ph.D. student, Avner Golan M.Sc. student (Fig. 8). 

Banana Plantations: Dr. Or Shapira Post Doc., Yotam Zit M.Sc. student 

Olives: Ran Arael Ph.D. Student. 

Citrus (grapefruits in the Galili): Yechiam Gets M.Sc. student 

Almonds: Amit Haklai M.Sc. student 

Avocado: David Yelin M.Sc. student 

Calcium transport: Ron Seligmann


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